fundraising – Himalaya Challenge

“Hiking to give every girl in Nepal a future – a great adventure for a great purpose
Will you support me in supporting the ‘sisters 4 sisters’project?”
“to educate a child is to turn walls into doors”
The impact of education extends beyond reading and writing. Education results in increased income, improved health and reduced poverty. Education has the power to change the world, to make the world a better place. I believe education is a right and not a privilege for some. So, when I was lying in my hammock back home and a colleague informed me about the Himalaya challenge and the Sisters for Sisters project, I couldn’t think of a better challenge to get involved in. Back home for me is the Netherlands. When I was young and innocent, it never crossed my mind that my education opportunities could have been different than my brother’s opportunities. Let alone that I would be overlooked and undervalued, for the sole reason of being a girl. When I became less young (and yes, also less innocent..) I realized girls’ education and gender equality is not always a given as it is in my country. A bit over a year ago I visited Nepal, just before the devastating earthquake. I promised myself to return, not only to revisit this beautiful country but also to support the people and mountain communities.So here I am, combining education, a great charity, Nepal and myself via the Himalaya challenge: a trek in the Annapurna mountain range, starting 11 November. We’ll be in a sparsely visited area, off the beaten track with little comfort. I commit myself to walk the trail, to pay myself for all expenses (flight, trekking, accommodation, food etc.) and to fund the Sisters for Sisters project by collecting at minimum €5,000.
May I ask you for your support in collecting as much money as possible?
Every Euro is one step closer to better education. During the trek we’ll visit several VSO projects, so I can tell and show you – as being my sponsor and supporter – exactly what happens with your donation.

Along the way I’ll add more information and updates, but to give a guideline: for €70 you support a full week work of a volunteer.

You can donate via the button ‘support’ on my fundraising page (is preferred method for VSO) or, if you favor a weekly / monthly donation, via a bank transaction:

BAN:   NL93 INGB 0000 0000 92
Description / payment reference: Himalaya Challenge Yvette Rogier
Address bank: ING Bank N.V., Foreign Operations, POBox 1800,

1000 BV Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Education is a gift that no one can take away.
Imagine what we can do together…


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5 gedachtes over “fundraising – Himalaya Challenge

  1. 16 July 2016 – Saturday morning.
    What a great start of the weekend, with little less than 4 months to go, the beautiful amount of 6000 euro is a fact!
    6000 …. can you imagine what that money will do for the Sisters4Sisters project? It is the equivalent of 600 days of volunteer work. Which is made possible by you!
    I’m proud, I’m happy and I’m grateful. Together you achieve sooooo much more (for the people who know me well: 1+1=3. This fundraising project is the evidence).
    More activities to come in the coming months. We’ve had the boot camp and the lottery, we will have a BBQ (of course with cocktails..) and I am trying to organize a charity dinner. Once concrete, I’ll post it on this website. When you subscribe via your email, you’ll receive the info automatically.

    In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, I’m going for a little run, while although I am convinced that this fundraising will continue to peak, I’m also aware of the fact that the Himalayas will continue to be a challenge, despite erosion and climate, in the coming our months there won’t be much change.. So I better train a bit more. I’ll add my favorite song of the day to the ‘fit for (Himalayan) Challenge’ blog.

    Thank you for all your support, Namasté

    ” Do what you can
    with what you have
    where you are”



    the link will lead you to the report regarding the donations.

    It provides background information about the project, some of the key activities funded by the Himalaya Challenge, the financial report for the HC funding, case studies, quotes & interviews from beneficiaries, statements from stakeholders and of course future goals for the Sisters for Sisters project.


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