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Project information
Sisters for Sisters  -Education in Nepal – VSO


Improving learning and school attendance for girls through peer mentoring, training and advocacy. From the grassroots-up in communities, and from the top down at the policy and district level.

Early marriage, domestic or family work, and taboos surrounding menstruation all prevent adolescent girls from going to and staying in school for long enough to get the consistent, quality education they need to improve life chances.


  • Direct coaching and support for girls from peer mentor ‘big sisters’ – buddy system
  • Community mobilization from ‘adult champions’ to engage families and raise awareness of the value of girls’ education
  • Volunteer support and training at 48 schools (make sure girls aren’t ignored in class, supporting schools to come up with plans to create a better environment for girls) and at government level to make education more inclusive for girls across Nepal.

Results so far

  • Almost all of the 1,280 little sisters recruited into the project are still in school, with 70% saying mentoring motivates them to stay in school
  • 60 out-of-school girls have been re-enrolled in schools
  • 100% of the 144 teachers trained by volunteers showed greater gender sensitivity in their teaching
  • 100% of school improvement plans completed following training so far have addressed gender equality measures including gender-sensitive classroom arrangements and improvements to bathrooms
  • The Nepal Government Ministry for Education has launched a new Equity Strategy to improve girls’ education and drafted a plan for implementation
  • 731 girls who are out-of-school or behind have received learning support classes to catch up on crucial education. In Parsa district, the exam pass rate for girls who ttended the classes increased from 23% to 91% in the space of just three months
  • 9000+ textbooks and 22,000+ stationery kits have been supplied to students

I am very happy with the project because our daughters are very motivated to go to school regularly.  This has helped my child improve her grades.  She is now more confident and can communicate better with people, especially elders.
Parent of Little Sister, Surkhet

Sisters for Sisters’ Education in Nepal is run in partnership with the Ministry for Education, Department of Education, managed by VSO and funded by the UK Department for International Development and the Million Hours Fund.
Implementing partners: Global Action Nepal & Aasaman Nepal.
“Do what you can
Where you are
With what you have”
– Theodore Roosevelt
 Donations are possible via the following link:


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  1. last month the Huffington Post publiced an article of Purna Kumar Shrestha, VSO’s Lead Advisor in Education. He has been working with his colleagues to develop a strategy to help the Government of Nepal deliver education services to earthquake survivors. More than 8,000 schools were damaged and over 1 million school children lost their classroom. At first, the priority was to resume children’s education as quickly as possible and to help them regain a sense of normality in the face of trauma and aftershocks. Not an easy task. The article also dives into the Sisters4Sisters project.



    the link will lead you to the report regarding the donations which have been achieved by the Himalaya Challenge 2016.

    It provides background information about the project, some of the key activities funded by the Himalaya Challenge, the financial report for the HC funding, case studies, quotes & interviews from beneficiaries, statements from stakeholders and of course future goals for the Sisters for Sisters project.


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