blind date(s)

In October 2014 I explored a.o. the unrivaled Helambu region. A beautiful
spectrum of Nepali people and the Himalayas. The ranges of mountains
matched perfectly the diversity of the people we met, as well the long
history of Buddhism, culture and ancient tradition of Tamang, Brahmins
and Sherpas.

Chandra was the guide who led me through this experience. He is a
great guide and yoga teacher, if you ever have the opportunity to join
him on a trek (Purna Yoga & Treks), do not hesitate and simply go.

I still miss the -although early- wake up call with herbal tea and a
signing bowl, a yoga session and a breakfast of Tibetan bread and yak
cheese. The start of a great day walking while being amazed by the
beauty of the Himalayas and accompanied by Chandra, Depan and Brian.
I’m not a fan of blind dates, but this one, with 3 men for 8 days,
worked out pretty well 🙂

Can’t wait to return to Nepal! Maybe even join a yoga session while I’m there. But of course the main reason for returning to Nepal is the sponsor project Sisters4Sisters. Looking forward to it! Sponsoring is going pretty well, but remember.. every €10 will support a full day voluntary work.  Just click on this link, donate  and your karma is done for the day.. 😉 

16-10_Melamchigaon-Tarkeghyant_2530-2600_1. ochtend Melamchigaon incl yoga (67)


2 gedachtes over “blind date(s)

  1. YES! This weekend I booked a short yoga retreat for ‘the week after’.
    Location will be a Tibetan monastery nestled in the foothills of the Kathmandu valley. Morning and afternoon yoga classes, the basics of mediation, good healthy food…
    Looking forward to it!


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