2.35 minutes -perfect impression

Thanks to Thomas and Hans we have some great material to share with you; the sponsors of the great and so important project Sisters for Sisters.

Here you’ll see the short version movie, with lots of beautiful shots of the project as well showing the Nepal feeling, something which is difficult to describe in words. At least for me.. you’ll hear in this movie that some of the fellow hikers & fundraisers are perfectly capable in doing this…

For me it brings back good memories, hopefully for you it’s an add on to the stories and the pictures.

Enjoy. Life is about experiences.

For the real die hards, the people who want to see more about the project, the trekking, the locals, the participants, the awesome views of the Annapurna circuit and Nepal: there is also a long version of one hour. And yes, nail polish is essential, even when you are in the Himalayas…

Last but not least, the report regarding the donations can be found here. It provides background information about the project, some of the key activities funded by the Himalaya Challenge, the financial report for the HC funding, case studies, quotes & interviews from beneficiaries, statements from stakeholders and of course future goals for the Sisters for Sisters project.

  • Output 1: 1159 extremely marginalised girls fulfill their right to quality education and complete their basic education.
  • Output 2: Residents of 48 catchment areas actively take responsibility for ensuring the right of marginalised girls to a quality education.

Namaste – we achieved this because of you.


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